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Morning Prayer posts are ready through September 21st, 2014
Evening Prayer posts are ready through September 21st, 2014 1
Create posts for Sept 22, 2014 - Sept 27, 2014 2
Create posts for  3
Use the following additional attributes:
 4, 5 =
Add another attribute  6

for September 20th, 2014 7,8,9

for September 20th, 2014

1 - The page will need to have an editable (expandable) array of post types (morningprayer, eveningprayer, etc). This information here will show me the latest post for each post type.

2 - The starting date here is the next date that needs posts. The end date is the Saturday following that date.

3 - This allows me to simply make all the posts for one single day

4 - There are about twelve different attributes that can be added/changed.

5 - "collect1" has to be added manually every week right now.

6 - Ideally this would be a java/jquery that would give me another row like the one above

7 - Here we'll check the wp_postmeta table for the last service of each post type that has an audio file attached to it.

8 - The search will need to start at the current date. If there's no audio for 2 days ago, I don't care.

9 - These buttons will link to the actual page for the post

• as a reminder, the main things that I haven't figured out yet are how to insert the shortcode into the wp_post table and how to insert anything into the wp_meta table

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